“Begin a great adventure when you join the best brand building company online. Enjoy more freedom, great progression opportunities, lifelong learning, fun projects, a young & enthusiastic team and work on sites seen by millions of people around the world."

AH team

Hi I'm Mark, one of the co-founders of Judgement Media and the guy you see above in the white shirt.

Seven years ago, my business partner Gael and I started an online marketing agency. We worked with hundreds of clients in many different industries. It was great initially, but we always felt like we were working very hard to make other brands successful.

We decided to sell the company and start from scratch, but this time we wouldn't work for any clients. We started by building our site Authority Hacker. Using the knowledge we'd gained from our previous business, these sites started to grow. Fast! That's the Authority Hacker site team which you see above.

Fast forward to this year and Judgement Media continues to grow. We're constantly adding new sites to our portfolio. We have a huge virtual team who work remotely. Everyone collaborates openly online and we have no fixed office. Despite this, we regularly meet up in different parts of the world and using the best technology we've turned work into a decentralized adventure.

What We Look For In New Team Members:

  • Consistent track record of high achievement
  • Rapid learning rate
  • Attention to detail
  • Good communication skills
  • Problem solver
  • Good with dogs (Cat people are welcome too!)

Current Job Vacancies